Dry-aged meat does indeed have a distinct and intensified flavor profile. The aging process allows the meat to develop unique flavors that are often described as rich, nutty, and slightly earthy. The natural enzymes present in the meat break down proteins, resulting in enhanced tenderness and a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Dry aging requires additional time, effort, and specialized conditions compared to other methods of meat preservation or aging. The aging can indeed take around 45 days or even longer, depending on the desired results and the specific requirements of the meat. The aging time is a crucial factor in the process as it allows the natural enzymes present in the meat to gradually break down the connective tissues. The extended aging period and the care taken in the process contribute to the development of desirable flavors and textures, making dry-aged meat highly regarded and often considered a premium product.

It is commonly found in upscale restaurants, and our restaurant is proud to offer dry-aged meat on our menu. We invite you to savor the premium taste of our dry-aged meat and indulge in a truly exceptional culinary journey at our restaurant.

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