According to our chefs at Restaurant Four and Brick Eat Restaurant, one of the keys to the success of their kitchens is the team’s unwavering commitment to quality. Every aspect of the cooking process, from the selection of ingredients to the execution of techniques, is approached with careful consideration and precision. This dedicated focus on quality is clearly evident in the dishes served at both restaurants, which consistently receive praise for their outstanding flavor, presentation, and overall excellence.

Working at Restaurant Four and Brick Eat Restaurant has been a fulfilling experience for our chefs. The culinary world is constantly evolving, and our chefs embrace the opportunity to learn and experiment with new techniques and flavors, ensuring that each dining experience remains exciting and memorable.

In this post, we will introduce our chefs and share their personal experiences as employees at Restaurant Four and Brick Eat Restaurant.

      Jr. Executive Chef Marina Velkovska at Restaurant Four


Marko Azeski – Sous Chef at Restaurant Four


Antonio Ivanovski – Sous Chef at Brick Eat Restaurant


Whether you dine at Restaurant Four or Brick Eat Restaurant, you can be assured of a gastronomic journey crafted by our talented and dedicated chefs. Their passion, skill, and commitment to excellence shine through in every dish, making each visit an extraordinary culinary adventure.