Welcome to our new brick in the wall, our new casual restaurant Brick Eat.

At Brick Eat Restaurant and Bar you can have your breakfast, explore fine dining and have fun with your friends, family or colleagues.
This place is absolutely amazing, offering a variety of options for all tastes and interests.
Nothing at Brick Eat can be defined as ordinary.
Not even the breakfast, served in an exquisite authentic avant-garde atmosphere in the scope of carefully selected details, making it a one of a kind experience.

The garden itself, accompanied by the delicious cuisine, the selection of good wines and highly enjoyable drink and cocktails, will inspire your day and night to feel the ambiance as a motivation to create.
Brick Eat restaurant & bar along with the gardens, on both sides, dispose with more than 1000 square meters which give you the chance to organize all sorts of events.
Let’s not forget the weekend parties and the night atmosphere that will help you relax, have fun and feel at your best.