Losing an item is a common aspect of travel. We prepared a list of the most forgotten or lost items while staying at the hotel.


  • Chargers – One of the most precious items yet the most forgotten.

  • Clothes – regularly forgotten, from the simplest of items such as a glove to bigger ones such as a coat.


  • Dentures and Hearing Aids – this mostly occurs with older guests, let this not surprise you because you might think that you would feel your teeth missing however, age will prove you wrong.


  • Toiletries – mostly articles used in washing and taking care of one’s body, such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste which of course are all replaceable.


  • Keys – many guests find that their keys are missing the moment they get home and see that they have nothing to open the door with but no worries every lost and found item in the hotel is kept safely in the hotels premises.

  • Jewelry – quite valuable and an item you would not want to forget however, it happens that is why traveling with your jewelry box is not advised.


  • Sunglasses – imagine driving to the airport in a sunny day noticing that the sun is shining a bit too bright for your eyes and then you remember that you forgot your sunglasses at the hotel. That is the moment you decide whether to turn back or continue driving.


  • Books– books are a treasure yet many people forget them. No worries books are never thrown away, your book will be available for the other guests to enjoy.

  • Makeup– commonly forgotten when in a hurry to not miss your flight but no worries, natural beauty is a blessing and you should always be ready to flaunt it.

Park Hotel & Spa takes no responsibility for your lost items. In case we find some of the lost items we will keep them for a year, except the most valuable items, which we keep for a period of five years.

So enjoy your stay and before you leave check the room… twice!