They say that the love for pets is so strong that sometimes it’s hard for a person to be separated from them. Providing extra care for this special bond can be challenging, especially when the day is filled with professional tasks, and you have plans for lunch or dinner with your family in a restaurant, but you have to leave your furry companion at home again.
To promote responsible pet care, we have launched a campaign that aims to raise awareness. As part of this initiative, we welcome pets and their owners to our restaurants, where they can relax in a pleasant atmosphere, enjoy delicious food, and bask in an environment that is pet-friendly.

Whether you are strolling along the Vardar waterfront with friends, family, or alone with your pet and feel hungry or just in the mood for a fragrant coffee, we invite you to come and visit us.At Four and Brick Eat, which are part of the Parkland Hospitality Group, we take pride in offering a unique advantage with our Pet-Friendly approach. Our restaurants are the perfect place for pet owners who want to enjoy a meal outside of their homes without leaving their furry companions alone.

We encourage you to join us for a fantastic Sunday lunch with your family and furry friend and experience the benefits that we have to offer. Whether you are a pet lover or owner, the Parkland restaurants provide an ideal location for creating wonderful moments together with your furry companion.


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