In Park Hotel and Spa, officially has been released a station for charging electric vehicles, which makes the hotel the only one of its kind in Macedonia. The event was also attended by the transport commissioner Violeta Bulz, who arrived at the hotel with her electric vehicle and was the first to use the new charger.

Conference “Edison eSkopje” was held in Park Hotel and Spa in cooperation with the Association of Rotary Clubs from Macedonia. At the conference there was a brief presentation of the Deputy Minister of Environment Jani Makraduli. Iztok Seljak – Hidria / Slovenia – “Edison eSkopje” and Marko Femec representative from Planet – net / Slovenia also had their thematic presentations.

With this investment, Park Hotel and Spa joins the eco-driving innovating solutions and network platform Edison, which aims to turn the region into a laboratory of future green mobility.

“We want to encourage the industry to get involved in these trends,” said Iztok Seljak, coordinator of the EDISON project, which is expected to electrify the motorway in the region. That is why the EDISON project is formed, which brings together 50 companies, universities and institutes in Slovenia, and now extends across SEE through the EDISON e-City concept by launching an infrastructure for chargers for electric green cars, green cabs, car sharing, and we want to encourage both industry and production to use EDISON for new, innovative solutions and a green corridor from Ljubljana to Skopje, Prishtina and Tirana in a length of 1,400 kilometers, “said Iztok Seljak. “Park Hotel and Spa continues with eco projects that positively influence the environment. We are constantly introducing technological innovations in the operation and we are carrying out a series of activities for prevention of additional environmental pollution and improvement of the environment. Social responsibility for us is acting beyond the scope of national laws and social legislation. In this direction, we watch how our actions affect our employees, visitors, the social community and the environment, “said Park Hotel and Spa General Manager Panagiotis Kolokathis.

The charger will be available to all hotel guests free of charge.