We are very proud to officially present to you our new project that we’ve been working very passionately in the last few months, in order to offer a brand new level of experience for all our guests and clients.

Our main idea was to enable a simple and effective way for our customers to browse through all their favorite items, no matter if it is food, drinks, their favorite hotel items, gifts, vouchers…all in one place.

If you are wondering where the PHG name comes from, just a hint. It’s abbreviation from our umbrella brand, Parkland Hospitality Group, that unites all our brands and premises.

Our PHG to go online shop is officially launched and is awaiting for you to go through all the pages upon your needs, desire and interest.

Food and drinks section

Browsing very easily and effectively, you can select, order and have delivered your favorite food items from our Restaurants Four and Brick Eat. Focused on being an eco-friendly environment and restaurants, our aim is to pay special attention on saving energy and resources during preparation, as well as food storage, waste treatment and food packaging. Our new menus have been launched recently, following few months of testing in order to reach pure perfection, predominantly using fresh, seasonal and organic ingredients.

Meal kits

One of our new features and products are the unique meal kits, tailor made for different tastes and preferences. One meal kit box contains carefully selected bio-natural ingredients such as pastas, micro-greens from our garden, organic cold pressed olive oils and other items, accompanied with a recipe from our chefs on how to cook the exact dish for 2 people.

The meal kit box is specially designed to be properly recycled by protecting the environment, following the eco-friendly concept.

The idea behind the meal kit concept is not only to ease your life, but to make it healthier and more fun.

Gift shop section

Do you happen to love the Fitness T-shirt that our personal trainers are wearing, or the cosmetics that’s being used in our Spa center, or maybe the perfect pillow in our hotels that enable you a perfect night sleep? Well, now they can be yours, with only one click. Are you looking for a surprise for your loved ones and cannot decide what? We have the perfect solution for you. Claim one of our gift card vouchers with various amounts and your loved one can choose whatever she or he desired, no matter if it is food, drinks, clothes, room items.

And don’t forget. Our story is your story and we’ve created it to be told in one voice and to make your life more magical and convenient. Feel the difference.

Wishing you a safe and thrilling browsing on our new PHG to go shop http://www.shop.phg.mk.

Parkland Hospitality Group-your to explore.