Every gift has a story, holds a memory, and is always one-of-a-kind.

Visit Little Box gift shop and buy special gifts for any occasion.

You can buy special souvenirs to take back home from your trip. Are you invited to a birthday party and don’t have present yet? Our gift shop is filled with unique and fun items.

Stop in our gift shop and find traditional Macedonian and foreign wines, souvenirs, chocolates, cigars and tobacco and a lot of fun and little gifts.

While deciding what to buy, you can have coffee, pastry or even a glass of cognac.

Friendly STAFF

Little Box – gift shop, is a place where professionalism and politeness combine. Our staff is more than professional and can tell you a lot about the wine that you want to taste and yet still be friendly and polite so you can have a drink, wine tasting and snack in a beautiful and tasteful atmosphere.

Delicious FOOD

Our shop works for gourmets and for wine lovers. People that know how to enjoy a beautiful glass of wine in company with an excellent selection of cheeses, prosciutto and other delicious food, and unique delicacies.


Within the residential facility Park Residence from now all visitors can enjoy another new place, which as a concept was first opens in Skopje. Visitors to Little Box – Shop & Wine, will be able to taste wines from almost all Macedonian origin, and wines from the foreign market, in addition to unique delicacies. This unique corner offers you the opportunity of tasting organized events, celebrations or from this place by recommendation of experts will be able to buy wine to your liking. Located next by the river Vardar, it has very cozy, relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. What remains is to separate your time and visit this unique place which is different, as in conception and for its purpose interior and magical setting.