Being challenged to meet the gastronomic expectations of our guests, we have made the finest fusion of authentic avant-garde Mediterranean cuisine and enjoyable drinks, and a relaxed buzz in the bar & restaurant.

It is all about pleasure that will redefine your taste and its sensations. There is nothing ordinary in casual or fine dining, everything is a pleasure.

While designing FOUR, we were inspired to create special memories experienced through all your senses in one special and unique story of flavorful and sophisticated dishes. Breaking the boundaries of what a restaurant is, we created FOUR to be a place not only to eat and drink but to meet, feel and fully enjoy.

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Telephone: +389 25 51 51 73
+389 71 292 986

Finest Food & Beverage

FOUR is the place to eat in great ambient. Seeking out new flavors and creative cuisine with open kitchen satisfies all the senses, a true feast over а talk and а drink. We help you create memories and unique experiences. Four turns any regular day into a special occasion. Create something that others don’t have and never will. Something that represents the feelings people want and are unable to find anywhere.