Especially 4 YOU PHS Loyalty Program

Park Hotel and Spa introduces “ Especially 4 YOU”, a loyalty cash back program with top of the class awards structure.

How it works:

After fulfilling the Loyalty Application Form (online or at the premises of Park Hotel and Spa) our Guest Relations Officer will call and issue you one of the 4 possible Temporary Membership Cards which you can use until the Personalized Membership Card is produced and distributed to you.

As an owner of the Temporary or Personalized Membership Card you have an opportunity to get a portion of your money back on every next transaction in any of the Park Hotel and Spa premises.

Ex: If you are an owner of Executive Black loyalty card and make a purchase in one of the Park Hotel and Spa premises; for example 3.000 denars; you will receive an opportunity to spent 15% of that amount; in this case 450 Park denars*; for your next purchase or keep that amount for latter transaction.

More money you spent in Park Hotel & Spa premises more Park denars you earn. Additionally, “Especially 4 you” is designed as a four-tier system where each membership level has its own status benefits that become more valuable as you move up in the system through your transactions. To see all the benefits of “Especially 4 you” program visit or contact our Guest Relations
Officer at:

+389 (02) 5515151.

“Especially 4 you” is our ongoing commitment, making our guests feel more than welcome every time they stay at any of our premises.

*Park denars can be spent only in one of these Park Hotel and Spa premises: Park Hotel & Spa * FOUR Restaurant
* Fitness Park * Spa Park * Twins Kitchen & Wine * Brick Bar * Little Box * Fun House

Terms & Conditions

*With this application I agree to give permission to Park Hotel & Spa to use my personal data for internal use only.